Let Disillusionment (Wonderfully) Initiate You


We all face disillusionment, but the contemplatives offer us the good news that we're then given a profound opportunity to be initiated into the mysteries that lead to freedom and growth--and maybe even enlightenment and eternal life.

With plenty of stories, Dave Schmelzer will invite us into perspectives from, well, Jesus and also Father Richard Rohr and St. John of the Cross and Jack Kornfield. He'll detail a fascinating survey he conducted about why people get disillusioned with churches in particular and he'll look at what that might mean. And, most profoundly, he'll talk about how what can seem like such a dark night might actually prove to be, in John's understanding, "a night more lovely than the dawn."

Mentioned on this podcast:

Isaiah 50:10-11; John 12:24; Mark 4:26-32

Father Richard Rohr's Center for Action and Contemplation newsletter

Dave's newsletter (see https://www.blueoceanfaith.org/connect)

Jack Kornfield's book: A Path with Heart